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Painting Service

Come on over and get your sails painted in-game!

I have a stocked studio with customer parking in front for Sloops, Schooners and Brigantines.

You can buy dyes from the store inside or you can hire me to do the work for you.

All I do is join your company temporarily and paint! It's easy and it works great. Pathfinder Privacy Policy

You can pay $400 in-game gold per sail or come over here and buy your In-Game Paint Slip below.

After I'm done painting, I leave your company and you can weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!

Paint Slips for In-game Painting Service

Six Sail Paint Slip


Triple Sail Paint Slip


Double Sail Paint Slip


Single Sail Paint Slip


Custom Sail Design

The Raft


The Booty


The Galleon


The Brigantine


The Schooner


The Sloop