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Say Ahoy, Matey!

Get your free personal custom design consultation. I'm mic'd and ready to talk sails, flags, billboards, canvases, portraits, tame skins and company branding any time I'm online.

My Location and Contact Info


Come over to my discord channel to talk or text about skins, skin application or new ideas.

If you have a great idea, and I build it - you get it FREE!


My Steam user name is Tymbre. If you are having trouble getting a hold of me, my man CroNickRanger can help.


Not currently in-game

Our company name is



PVE G3 on the NE island on the south side of the island at the point.

Offline Comms

Have some questions or comments? Use this form to contact me via email.

Please use your username in the First/Last name boxes. I don't want to know your real name if it's uncomfortable for you, and I can't change that stuff over there >