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Split Graphic or Not?
I'm curious as to what you all think about the split graphic. Meaning, when a sail has a graphic that is halfway on the middle sail an halfway on the bottom sail.Like this one.Do you like it? Just okay with it? Or, never do that again, please?
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Get your FREE Atlas Sail design!
Skin Suggestions
Have any ideas for sail or tames skins you would like to see on the website?Tell me all about it in the comments - If I build the design, you get it FREE! Just leave your steam name or make contact, and I will send you a coupon for your FREE sail des...
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Atlas Claim flags
What Country Flag would you like to see? Post a comment with your country or state and I will get it on the website for you! Go to the FLAGS page to see if your flag is already available.
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Atlas Guidelines We Must Follow
Be aware that we are severely limited on size and quality by the game. The Devs have given us only 256 x 256 pixels to work with, which is the size of that green box. This tiny image then gets blown up and spread over the giant sails, basic...
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Atlas Color Pallet
We have a limited amount of colors in Atlas.Here is the color pallet.
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