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Hi, I'm Smokin' Tymbre

"Graphics Nerd" and Founder. I've been playing Atlas since day one and I still love it. I'm an avid ship and base builder and decorator. I've built dozens of graphics for sails, flags, billboards, canvases and tames in Atlas over the years, so I've gotten rather good at it - and fast.

Due to the challenging nature of building graphics for Atlas mediums and the even more torturous endeavor of getting it ready to go in-game, I've started building custom graphics for the Pirates, Privateers, Buccaneers and Corsairs of Atlas so you don't have to...and so you too can be the envy of your island.

If you don't know how to build a graphic or the freehand is driving you crazy, I can help. I can build a custom graphic that you can use on all your sails, or create a Sail Set so every sail is unique. For more information click the menu above to view the Stock and the Custom options available.

Happy Sailing!

In Stock Collections


Skull and Bones

Skull and Swords






Large Speed

Large Handling

Large Weight

Medium Speed

Medium Handling

Medium Weight

Small Speed

Small Handling

Small Weight

Custom Sail Design

The Raft


The Booty


The Galleon


The Brigantine


The Schooner


The Sloop


If you prefer something faster and cheaper, shop around for a stock sail graphic that suits you, download it and throw it on your sail right away! 

Atlas Guidelines We Must Follow

Be aware that we are severely limited on size and quality by the game. The Devs have given us only 256 x 256 pixels to work with, which is the size of that green box. >

This tiny image then gets blown up and spread over the giant sails, basically. So it's best to keep the designs bold and absent of too much detail.

We also must follow color guidelines. I have provided the Atlas Color Pallet so you can be more specific with your color scheme if you choose. Otherwise, you can just say blue, gold and black for instance, and I will choose the colors that best suit your design.